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The History Of Universal Gym

Strength Precision Equipment Partnered With Natural Body Motion Produces The Maximum Results - This is the essential concept inspiring the Universal Gym ® corporate evolution for over 30 years.

Universal Gym ® headquarters are located in Cairo, Egypt, home to the pioneering research, development and production of unrivaled fitness equipment. With a history of innovation and quality the industry has come to expect from Universal Gym ®, our standards have become the very measure of excellence in the realm of strength training equipment worldwide.

Universal Gym ® products are sold around the globe and can be found in hotels, universities, professional training facilities, corporations, government facilities, schools, hospitals, resorts and police and fire stations everywhere. With the ownership of a Universal Gym ® product, customers worldwide gain an enduring membership entitled to comprehensive product support, an impressive warranty coverage, and unsurpassed performance that is the Universal Gym ® experience.


Universal Gym ® has established a quality product support center where all customer service calls are answered and resolved within the same business day they are received. Universal Gym ® customers buy more than product—they gain a long lasting relationship of commitment and support with Universal Gym ®.


Universal Gym ® equipment complies with the safety standards of ASTM (Designation F1749-96), ANSI (Designation: ANSI Z535.4-1991), ACE Fitness College of College of Sports, Health and Fitness Facility Standards Guidelines.

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