Ramping up to 2, 3, 4 5 RM (75-96% 1-RM)

Start with a moderate training load for the prescribed number of reps and build your way up (ascending loading) to the heaviest set with the reps. as you increase the load you “charge” the nervous system with heavier loads. Ramping sets work best as straight sets with heavier loads.

Density Circuits

By combining a variety of movement patterns, all muscles of the body get blasted within a short period of time for increased work capacity and rapid fat loss. Here’s an example:

Circuit One 

[Vertical Pull] Chin Up – 4×8 Rest = 0

[Vertical Push] DB Push Press – 4×10 Rest = 0

[Single leg] DB Goblet Lunge – 4×6/leg Rest = 60-90 seconds 

Circuit Two

[Horizontal Pull] One Arm Dumbbell Row – 3×8/arm Rest = 60-90 seconds

[Horizontal Push] Feet Elevated Push Up – 3×15 Rest = 0

[Hip Dominant Lower] DB or BB RDL – 3×15 Rest = 0

[Core] Plank – 3×45 seconds Rest = 60 seconds

Hormonal adaptations change based on exercise rest periods. Short exercise rest periods are recommended because they augment a greater GH response compared to long rest periods.4 So while longer rest periods are best for nervous system recovery, shorter rest periods (30-60 seconds) are better for burning fat and building muscle.

Timed Sets

Perform 3-4 work sets of a given exercise for 20-45 Seconds.

Timed sets are great for burning fat because they force time under tension, forcing metabolic stress and muscular damage.

As a result, you burn through stored carbohydrates and trigger tons of metabolic by-product build up within muscles, triggering growth hormone release.

The idea is as simple as it sounds. Use a weight you can lift for 12-15 reps to start and perform reps of an exercise for time, starting at 30 seconds and increasing time by five seconds each week with a work to rest ratio of 1:2.




Integration of super set between low intensity high intensity training will enable you to burn calories &stoke fat and using calories from stored fat 


Limited time training

Increase muscular endurance

Improve body weight control and strength

Increase excess post – exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC)


6-Week Weight Loss Home Workout Plan for Women

Creating your own workout routine for weight loss can be daunting. That’s where this program comes in: It has a balanced mix of high-intensity interval training, strength training, flexibility, and recovery time to help you burn calories and build muscle. If you want to lose weight (reminder: not a prerequisite for improving your fitness and health), this will help you do it at a healthy pace. (See: How Much Weight Can You Healthfully Lose In a Month?)

1-Step-It-Up Plyometric Workout

Workout Description

It is inspired me to  create  push/pull/legs routine employing heavy, medium, and light loads during each workout.
Each workout starts out with a compound lift using a 15 rep goal or more over 5 sets. If you exceed the rep goal by 0-3 reps then add 5-10 kg to the working weight the next time you perform the exercise. If you exceed the rep goal by 4+ reps then add 10- 20 to the working weight.
Starting out with a heavy compound lift  is a great way to increase central nervous system (CNS) activity, improve strength, and gain confidence moving heavy loads.
After the 5 sets of the heavy compound lift you’re going to perform a back-off set in which you decrease the working weight by 20% (round to the nearly 5 or 10 kg) and try to perform as many quality reps as possibly (AMQRAP).
At phase three of the program we are going to include some training techniques for more intensity  Rest-Pause,Drop-Set,Pyramid Style. You will be resting 15 to 60 seconds between each set of an exercise and 2 to 3 minutes between each exercise.

When you have a weak point in chest development,train your chest according to the Priority Principle ,working on the weak area at the beginning when you are fresh and strong.Suppose you suffer from lack of upper chest,so you will begin your chest training with Barbell Incline Presses followed by Dumbbells Incline Presses to hit this area


This program include four phases each phase for four weeks

In this program you will learn how to increase training intensity and to recognize how to perform

workout well with advanced training principles.

As well by the end of the four phases you will achieve the maximum muscle mass with muscle definition.

After the end of each phase you will be more adapted for more strength and endurance.


Fat explosive of legs & buttocks

Your lower body is very important to reshape

It is half of female beauty

Your journey of flowing progression start now to tone them

This is a quick buttocks &legs program for losing fat and builds the image you

Ever dreamed make them taut and strong

Bring commitment and dedication to this work out and you will be surprised

Important notes

1- Our precious customer for your safety should contact us if you have any health problems related to heart, bones, high or low pressure problem or whatever any related health problem which this program might influence badly on your performance, we will support you in such case by customizing your program and nutrition plan for better wellness by our professional team.

2- This program has been made for home and gym training so you can vary your equipment&accessories upon place of training, among Olympic bar, leg extension, leg curl, smith machines at the gym and so you can contrary  perform training at home by dumbbell, kettle bell and rubber band.

3- Its better to workout not more than three days a week specially in the first three weeks to avoid overload training , and you can work out other muscle groups to your training routine in the other three days of the week such as back or chest , shoulder etc.

Program declaration

– This program is called on spot training on a specific area which is the leg and buttocks, thus we integrated some training style together to achieve the best result by losing fats and tone the muscles with strength.

-The first three weeks, we focus on body weight training to lose as much fat as we could, so we hit each angle of the leg and buttocks, but for maximum benefit result we should follow a restricted diet plan which we can offer you with your body type required calories.

-Week four and five, training intensity is increased by adding weight to some exercises, doing supersets as well multi sets and we used explosive positive reps style in some exercise, will be explained later below.

-Week six and seven the explosive positive reps, plyometric is used in most main muscle group such sky jump and jumping squat for more focus intensity for power and strength.

-Week eight focus on tolerance by doing multi circuit sets integrating time and speed.

Training method illustration

1- Super set means that you perform two exercises in sequence without rest.

2- Multi set means that you perform three or more exercise in sequence without stop or rest

3- Explosive positive reps means that I push the weight fast while performing the concentric movement in each rep.

4- Static strength means your maximum holding strength in a given position.


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Thanks and good luck